By Lemor Abrams

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Bomb units and K9 teams combed Kennedy High School all day Friday, for any sign of explosives or weapons, after a student sent a disturbing text message, and forced the evacuation of the entire school.

“Out of nowhere we got a bomb threat saying that someone was gonna shoot up the school and they were gonna blow us up,” said student Kevin Romero.

Students showed us the text.

It reads in part:

“Placed bombs in certain classrooms in the B and C wing I bet after today huh guys will leave me alone Hashtag KKK I’m tired of this (expletive) school bullying and always making fun of my looks…so at 11:11am on Friday March 16th John f Kennedy will be shot and blown up.”

“We were under our desk waiting for further instructions,” said Student Justino Cortez.

Students were escorted down the street to the Elk’s Lodge, where frantic parents hurried to pick them up.

“With all the things that are going on you know and you have your children … you just don’t know what’s going on in children’s minds these days,” said mom Gloria Profit.

“Really scared…and nervous about not being able to have my son in school and be safe at all,” said mom Jeannette Chavez.

Students say they were already on guard. It’s the second bomb threat here this week.

“It was terrifying I don’t know why it’s happening,” Said Student Antonio Chavez.

Sacramento Police Chief Daniel Hahn says the threats not connected. But local law enforcement remains on guard.

“Over the last couple weeks, especially since the shooting in Florida, we’ve seen a lot of these threats in various forms and want to assure everybody in our community, especially families and students that go to these schools, that we work hand in hand with the school district and will investigate each incident- and you’ll see a different response depending on what the actual threat is,” said Hahn.

Hahn says unlike other threats in recent weeks, this led to an immediate evacuation so units can go in to inspect the school for any devises or weapons.

As of Friday afternoon, they found no evidence of that inside the school. Investigators are also working on tracing the text to see where it originated. For now, they still don’t have a suspect.

School is expected to resume Monday. The superintendent says counselors will be on hand.


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