SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Staff and students were evacuated from John F. Kennedy High School in Sacramento after several students received a random threatening text message, according to the school district.

An automated message was sent to parents from the school district announcing the threat. Administrators say they don’t know if it’s a credible threat but have cleared the school as a precaution.

A students showed us the text, which reads: “I’m tired of this f**king school bullying me and always making fun about my looks so at 11:11am on Friday March 16 at John F Kennedy Will BE SHOT AND BLOWN UP I already stole keys from a janitor and placed bombs in certain classrooms in the B and C wing i bet after today you guys will leave me alone #kkk”

threatening text Text Message To Kennedy High Threatened Shooting, Bombing

There was an increased law enforcement presence on campus, according to Principal David Van Natten.

Students were moved to Elks Lodge at 6446 Riverside Boulevard, where parents were told that they could pick up their kids, police said in a statement. Students were also permitted to walk home; however, student Kevin Romero said he wasn’t allowed to drive his car out of the parking lot.

On Thursday night, Monterey Trail School also received a threat that turned out not to be credible. There has been an additional police patrol at the school Friday.


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