SACRAMENTO COUNTY (CBS13) — A Sacramento County sheriff’s deputy is defending herself against accusations that she and another deputy took advantage of an elderly woman and sent her out of the country.

Stephanie Angel, a 14-year veteran, says the department is attempting to smear her reputation and wants her off the job because, in part, she filed a sexual harassment lawsuit back in 2007 against now-Sheriff Scott Jones among others.

“There was no malicious intent to anything here. The department is trying to run with that narrative, but it’s not true.”

Deputy Stephanie Angel says she first met 74 year-old Rosalie Achiu during a service call back on January 14th. She says Achiu lived alone in her North Highlands home and had no one to look after her. Angel says she stopped in to check on her over the next few days but says Achiu wanted more.

“She pleaded and begged to come and stay with me or for me to help her. And that was about five days after initially meeting her ” Angel said.

Deputy Angel produced documents for CBS 13 praising her for going above and beyond her duties in looking after Achiu.

And she eventually took Achiu in and says over the next few weeks took Achiu to doctors’ appointments, provided meals, and got her medication. Tasks she says and Adult Protective Services case worker was not able to perform.

“I felt that it was not only my duty as an officer but as a human being to try to help this lady where everybody else has failed ” Angel said.

Angel says she did everything possible to look after Achiu’s welfare.

“Because I was concerned for her safety, I called Roseville PD to go to my house and do a welfare check. If I was trying to hide something, why would I call another law enforcement agency? It doesn’t make sense” she said.

Angel says Achiu’s only goal was to go see her family in the Philippines. She also claims Achiu asked she and her partner to take on power of attorney to help her do so. Angel says she opened a joint bank account for trip expenses, had the bank drill a hole to open Achiu’s safety deposit box because she lost the key, and helped her make plans to either rent or sell her home.

“Her request, not mine” Angel said.

However, in court documents for temporary guardianship filed by family members living in Washington state, they claim Achiu has dementia and accuse deputy Angel and her partner of taking advantage of her. Accusations Angel denies.

“I took not one penny from her. Not one penny will be missing. Not one penny will not be accounted for,” she said.

“She was of sound mind and body, period, end of story”

Deputy Angel says the sheriff’s department is pursuing the accusations in part because she filed a sexual harassment lawsuit in 2007 naming now Sheriff Scott Jones and Santo Ramos, among others. Jones served as Angel’s commander at the time.

“Now the person in charge of Internal Affairs is Santos Ramos, and the person in charge of my fate is Scott Jones” she said.

Angel says she also made recent sexual harassment complaints within the past year.

“I complained to a sergeant, to an administrative lieutenant, to a division lieutenant, twice. And when I attempted to complain the the captain he told me we have nothing to talk about ” she said.

Angel believes Sheriff Jones’ actions in the case are politically motivated, saying he’s attempting to look tough on internal discipline during an election year.

“My question as a media officer right now would be to ask Scott Jones, ‘Did you have all the information on the good things these deputies were doing?’, and if you did, why didn’t you release it to the media?’ And if you didn’t, why didn’t you get the facts before going to the media”

“You’re either a liar or incompetent and I don’t know which one it is, but either one is not a great candidate or sheriff to have if they’re going to go straight to the media” she said.

In a previous press release the sheriff’s department said the investigation found “many unusual activities by both deputies” and the casis is under review by the DA’s office.

The sheriff’s department issued another statement in response to Angel’s recent claims about the case and ties her sexual harassment lawsuit.

Although Ms. Angel is free to make whatever public statements or claims she wants to, the Department must maintain the integrity of the criminal and administrative investigations. Therefore, we will not be engaging in an ongoing public dialogue about any of the ongoing cases. At the appropriate time, ALL relevant details will be released. We would prefer not to let this case play out in the media. We are treating this like any other criminal and administrative investigation.

It is not uncommon for the chain of command to be named in complaints or lawsuits involving department personnel. Given the Sheriff’s current and previous roles in the department, he is named in hundreds of complaints and lawsuits. Sheriff Jones does not recall being named in this particular lawsuit. However, since he was Ms. Angel’s commander at the time, he was apparently included along with others.

Sergeant Zach Hatch
Acting Sheriff’s Spokesman
Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department

Both deputies are currently on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

  1. sacramentocandidates says:

    Wow! Scott Jones just cannot get out from under his past… lawsuit after lawsuit! The last one cost us $10.4 million for payouts and attorneys feeds. Read his sealed court records and more at Sacramento Taxpayers deserve better from our elected officials. We need real change in our Sheriff’s Department.

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