By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones visited the White House for an immigration enforcement forum Tuesday, and President Donald Trump called on him to speak.

“Sanctuary cities are dangerous, and we’re gonna take care of the problem,” President Trump said.

Sitting at a round table surrounded by his acting ICE director and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the president went around the table for input from everyone including Jones.

“Good afternoon Mr. President thank you for inviting me,” Sheriff Jones said. “Obviously I’m at ground zero for the sanctuary state, for California.”

Jones began by telling the president his deputies do not perform immigration enforcement and he doesn’t want them to.

“In the communities, we want people to have the comfort, confidence to call us,” Jones said. “That’s our primary mission.”

Jones also told the president that California’s sanctuary law allows more dangerous criminals on the streets. The law prohibits local officers from sharing information about people with federal agents but carves out 800 violent offenses that would not shield convicted undocumented immigrants from federal agents.

Jones told the President, the law does not work.

“There are spectacular failures every single day around California, and I’m sure beyond, of folks that ICE wants as part of their priority,” Jones said.

From Sacramento, Mayor Darrell Steinberg responded to Jones’ White House visit.

“When a politician grandstands in such a way, it’s not worth dignifying with a comment,” Steinberg said.

Jones finished his message to the president recounting slain Sacramento deputy Danny Oliver, murdered by undocumented immigrant Luis Bracamontes.

Trump included the story in his own campaign.

“That really started my personal journey and passion toward immigration enforcement,” Jones said.

The president finished the forum with a promise to end California’s sanctuary status.

“We’re gonna win it,” President Trump said. “It should be easy, but it’s not.”

  1. John Tanner says:

    i call the sheriff a “spectacular failure”. (as i would anyone who supports the orange moron)

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