By Lemor Abrams

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Last week they protested gun violence.

This week, Rocklin High School students are using social media to organize a pro-life walkout using the hashtag #life.

“To honor all the lives of aborted babies pretty much. All the millions of aborted babies every year,” said organizer Brandon Gillespie.

He says his history teacher inspired the idea.

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As thousands of students across the country walked out of class demanding strict gun laws, in honor of the Parkland shooting victims, Benzel was placed on paid administrative leave when she asked students to consider whether there’s a double standard in the national school walkout.

“I would like a conversation about when is too much? And are we going allow this on the other side?” said Julianne Benzel

The principal at Rocklin High declined to meet with us for an on-camera interview, but a district spokeswoman tells us, he does plan to sit down with the student about the possible abortion walkout, and that’s not going over well with some of his peers.

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“Abortions aren’t really anything that has to do with school or students here,” said Naeirika Neev.

Neev is the editor of the school newspaper. In her posts, she’s using the hashtag “enough is enough” to promote peace, and take a stance against anything anti-abortion on campus.

“They have their First Amendment, they can go protest about that anytime anywhere,” she said.

But Brandon says protesting on school grounds is just the point.

“I would like to see if there really is a double standard and what will come of that,” he said.

He doesn’t have a date for the protest, but he does with the principal. Their meeting is set for this Friday.

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  1. Rob Sciacca says:

    Abortion has nothing to do with your high school???? Seriously? What planet are you living on? Trust me dear, plenty of your fellow students are post aborted moms and dads. If we want to really save kids’ lives we need to outlaw suction machines.

    1. Yes! Bring back the wire hooks and perforated uterus’!

      1. Nonsense. If you don’t want to kill a kid then A. don’t get pregnant and abort it, and B. get sterilized so you don’t need to make the choice to begin with….

      2. Marcus Maxon says:

        a s l u t or 2 made that filthy decision and now its legend and everyone was doing it. do wap do wap

  2. “Abortions aren’t really anything that has to do with school or students here,” said Naeirika Neev.” Really? Anyone of those female students could find themselves in the embarrassing situation of becoming pregnant. You don’t think that getting an abortion would be high on their list? This comment is typical liberal hypocrisy. Denying the obvious.

  3. How does it affect their school? Because over 850,000 U.S. kids should be walking at graduation this year, but never had the chance.

  4. So how does this square?? A dirt bag murders a pregnant woman,the fetus also dies. He’s caught and charged with two murders. A pregnant woman not wanting the child has the right to have her unborn baby murdered without penalty. Is this a great country or what!

  5. Ed Mullen says:

    Good for them! Finally, young people doing the right thing. Perhaps there is some hope left in the world.

  6. I just love to see liberals forced to experience the wrath of their own work. You just can’t have double standards.

  7. Edmond Day says:

    hold aspirin between ur knees, best birth control known, abortions not necessary.

  8. Sure, Ms Neev, you do realize not only is there a first amendment, but a second amendment too.
    How many babies never made it to school, because they were aborted before their time.

  9. Donna Parr says:

    Fair is fair. Shouldn’t matter what the politics are. Right? The leftist gun grabbers opened this can of worms.

  10. Steve Parker says:

    So, who wants to bet this will be as big as the walkout to protest Trump and the NRA? Kids all over the country managed to get organized and all walk out at the same time for the same length of time with no help in the logistics or planning of something that big? The gun walkout was ignorant children being dups of the Democrat party. Nothing more and nothing less. This walkout protesting hundreds of thousands of deaths instead of “just” 17″ will go nowhere.

  11. Dusty Rhodes says:

    Number 1 cause of death for black youth is abortion. Keep it up.

  12. Jim Corrigan says:

    Plenty of Rocklin students and students all across America have lost brothers and sisters to their parents’ decision to abort. Abortion affects every member of every family where unborn babies are killed.

  13. Gee King says:

    Oh please, these walk outs are just one way to get out of class for a while. Nothing more.

  14. This walkout will be smaller in large part because the anti-gun walk-outs were organized and funded by the usual anti-gun organizations and politicians. The kids are real, there’s no tin foil hattery here, but they are just convenient figureheads that early on had the personal connections to the anti-gun rights community to put into effect pre-existing astro-turf efforts. Which is why the protests are uniformly left wing and promote policies having nothing to do with the actual Parkland shooting.

  15. Gary Canant says:

    These students are very smart! They know {ABORTION} means to stop a LIFE IN PROGRESS.
    School shootings is ABORTION! Stopping a LIFE IN PROGRESS.
    What makes school shootings illegle, Planned Parenthood DON’T PROFFIT FROM THE ACT.

  16. Saw this on Drudge. Left for for more real California news.

  17. Joe Pace says:

    Planned parenthood…30 + million killed.
    NRA…0 deaths.
    Wake up America.

  18. Jay Cee says:

    sorry kids, doesnt fit the leftist agenda. we will have to expel you. next time please try to assimilate.

  19. Lynn Su says:

    There is a very good chance that many of students have had brothers and/or sisters murdered by abortion!

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