By Lemor Abrams

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Last week they protested gun violence.

This week, Rocklin High School students are using social media to organize a pro-life walkout using the hashtag #life.

“To honor all the lives of aborted babies pretty much. All the millions of aborted babies every year,” said organizer Brandon Gillespie.

He says his history teacher inspired the idea.

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As thousands of students across the country walked out of class demanding strict gun laws, in honor of the Parkland shooting victims, Benzel was placed on paid administrative leave when she asked students to consider whether there’s a double standard in the national school walkout.

“I would like a conversation about when is too much? And are we going allow this on the other side?” said Julianne Benzel

The principal at Rocklin High declined to meet with us for an on-camera interview, but a district spokeswoman tells us, he does plan to sit down with the student about the possible abortion walkout, and that’s not going over well with some of his peers.

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“Abortions aren’t really anything that has to do with school or students here,” said Naeirika Neev.

Neev is the editor of the school newspaper. In her posts, she’s using the hashtag “enough is enough” to promote peace, and take a stance against anything anti-abortion on campus.

“They have their First Amendment, they can go protest about that anytime anywhere,” she said.

But Brandon says protesting on school grounds is just the point.

“I would like to see if there really is a double standard and what will come of that,” he said.

He doesn’t have a date for the protest, but he does with the principal. Their meeting is set for this Friday.

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  1. Anything to get out of class. On the other hand, these high school students are academic failures with bleak futures, anyway, so nothing gained and nothing lost. And teachers are like, “Cool, kids, do it! Beats me having to work!”

  2. He should go to the meeting prepared with statistics showing how likely it is for a student to be shot by a mass shooter compared to the likelihood a student will get an abortion. The fact is, the school has no policy which blesses some walk-outs and prevents others and that failure on their part is the reason an abortion walkout should go forth.

  3. Clod Hopper says:

    It’s not about murdered students, or guns or the NRA, or the 2nd Ammendment. It’s about the 2018 midterm elections and the democRATs regaining the majority in the House and the Senate.
    Two new crops of indoctrinated former high school students going to the polls and voting democRAT.

  4. Thousands of teens are killed in car crashes- Where is the walkout to ban cars? Thousands of teens die to drugs- Where is the walkout to stop drugs? Alcohol-Related Deaths – an estimated 88,000 people (approximately 62,000 men and 26,000 women) die- Where is the ban on alcohol? Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death. Worldwide, tobacco use causes nearly 6 million deaths per year, and current trends show that tobacco use will cause more than 8 million deaths annually by 2030, where is the walkout to ban Tobacco? Unhealthy diet contributes to approximately 678,000 deaths each year in the U.S., due to nutrition- and obesity-related diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, and type 2 diabetes. In the last 30 years, obesity rates have doubled in adults, tripled in children, and quadrupled in adolescents, where is the walkout to ban bad food? ATTENTION TEENS- 700,000 Babies are murdered each year- Where was your walkout for them? DID YOU GIVE A MINUTE TO ANY OF THE FOLLOWING ISSUES?

    1. Stefan Martin… READ THE ARTICLE… its a PRO LIFE march. The kid leading the charge is square on. He even says he ants to see just how much of a double standard there is….

  5. We’ll see how the media reacts to a pro life walkout after they were so supportive of the walkouts last week. How many more children die at the hands of abortionists than at the hands of school shooters.

  6. Carl Sartain says:

    I’ll bet my last dollar mainstream media won’t touch this story with a ten foot pole.

  7. Holli Wood says:

    The editor of the school newspaper is sadly misinformed or intentionally being dishonest. It is an absolute certainty that some of her peers at the school have had abortions or their parents have,, but after checking I could not find even one reported incident of gun violence at the school. NOT ONE.

  8. awesome…..this will expose the bias and hypocrisy of the left and their minions in the educational system…

  9. At last! My faith in the younger generation has been restored. All is not lost.

  10. American society suffers from a disrespect for life. When we stop aborting babies in the womb, our children will learn to respect life and stop murdering themselves in schools. The value of life is zero in a society which institutionalizes abortion.

  11. Another left wing double standard revealed. This “convenient” use of law to benefit themselves is precisely why the left should never be trusted with power. They don’t care about right and wrong, or the difference between truth and law, but only their own power.

  12. Good job folks, make them double down on their hypocrisy.

  13. Neil Barrett says:

    “Abortions aren’t really anything that has to do with school or students here,” said Naeirika Neev.

    Not one of the pregnant high school students has had an abortion? Killed their child? I think Naeirika has her head in the sand like 99% of journalist these days.

  14. Chuck Yates says:

    Walk out’s are so third world.

  15. GOOD for THEM! There is hope for that generation after all. No doubt the radical feminists, the idiots in their pink pssy hats will throw fits, but BRAVO to these kids!

  16. Chris Kramer says:

    Abortion is a sacrament of liberalism and feminism.

  17. Abortion is good for the economy. Keeps children off welfare and out of prison. A government committee should not allow any child to be born unless the two parents can prove they are able to financially support the child.

  18. Dan Defoe says:

    The leftist school teachers will shut this down in a hurry. Students are allowed only to support leftist causes.

  19. Ted Bosse says:

    First the headline is misleading. It is not an “Abortion Protest”, it is a ProLife Protest. Second, of course there is a double standard. If the left did not have double standards they would have no standards at all. Great job by the teacher and the students for pointing this out.

  20. Naeirika Neev is a good student of the left’s schooling. Only allow your opinion to be protested about, and mock, or don’t allow, or report anything that is contrary to leftest ideology. I don’t think school walkouts should be allowed, or condoned, but they have opened this can of worms by allowing the one last week.

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