SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Sacramento Police have released body cam and helicopter footage from the night Stephon Clark was shot and killed.

Police released the 911 dispatch audio, as well as aerial video from a helicopter and the body camera footage of both officers who fired at Clark.

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Police say Clark was breaking car windows and a home glass door in South Sacramento when he was confronted by police in his grandparents’ backyard.

CONTENT WARNING: Video depicts a deadly police shooting. Viewer discretion is advised.

None of the video supplied by Sacramento Police on Wednesday shows the alleged vandalism.

Video from a police helicopter begins after an officer in the helicopter says Clark broke a window at a neighbor’s home. From there, Clark is observed climbing a fence into the yard of his grandparents’ home. The aerial footage shows Clark walking down the driveway on the side of the house, then jogging into the backyard when he’s confronted by officers.

As the officers round the corner into the backyard, one of them exclaims “Gun!” before they duck back behind the corner looking for cover. The body cameras give a brief glimpse of Clark, but they don’t show a weapon.

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The aerial footage shows officers opening fire as Clark appears to be walking in their direction. Before opening fire, an officer can be heard saying “Show me your hands.” then “Gun, gun, gun” with no pause in between.

Five seconds elapsed between the first officer exclaiming gun, the officers taking cover, the officers asking to see Clark’s hands before saying he had a gun, and them opening fire.

Clark is observed in the aerial footage falling to the ground and remaining motionless.

Over the next five minutes, officers attempt to call out for Clark to show his hands. No medical attention is provided for more than five minutes after the shots were fired.

No tools or firearms are seen near Clark, only a cellphone on the ground next to him.

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Sacramento Police Chief Daniel Hahn said on Tuesday that the initial video of the incident would be released before the end of the week, well before the 30 days required by a city ordinance. It’s not known if more video will be released.