FAIRFIELD (CBS) – There was a security breach at Travis Air Force Base Wednesday night when a car loaded with propane tanks crashed through a gate and an explosion tore through the vehicle.

Military personnel ran up to the burning car that exploded in flame after breaching the security gates at the base.

In a video posted on an Air Force forum on Facebook, firefighters are seen attempting to put out the flames.

Law enforcement sources say the car carried propane tanks and the driver deliberately ignited the fire.  He died inside the car which drove off the road into a ditch.  There are no reports of shots fired during the incident.  The driver has been identified by law enforcement but not been named.  Since he ignited himself investigators are treating this as an act of terrorism.

The FBI has joined the Air Force in the investigation

Travis AFB is a main military air cargo and transport terminal on the west coast, supporting operations across the Pacific.  It’s home to some 7,000 active U.S. Air Force military personnel.

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  1. Mooslim testing the waters. Most likely first try and they learn quick.
    Keep bringing em over…yeah right.
    IMO…round em up and hold them all til they are vetted up down and sideways or deport them all.

  2. lol…I served at Travis, A “terrorist act” against that facility is like attacking a football stadium in July! The gates are far from the action and the SP’s have M-16’s…The base is HUGE and the flightline is a good ways from the entrance…So, lets say he made it onto the flightline; He’d be lucky to blow out a tire on a C5…This looks like it was just an idiot being an idiot…meh.

  3. Guess the do-gooders will next call for a ban on propane tanks.

    Hope those 72 virgins enjoy Barbequed Martyr.

  4. Are we going to see a march on Washington to ban propane tanks next?

  5. The more interesting thing is that almost no coverage on this at most news outlets. Why wouldn’t this not be a top story? I’m sure if he would have attacked with an AR-15 it would be plastered all over the news. Sad and typical.

  6. GOOD. Another DEAD terrorist.

  7. Pete Dee says:

    The next school shooter weapon.

  8. John Piker says:

    Other websites have given his muslim name and called him a muslim. CBS, CNN, NBC, ABC all have not identified the attacker, provided his name or ethnicity. Another way of protecting islam and prgressive agendas. What i have found out is his name and age are Hafiz Kazi, 51.

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