SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A second day of protests rolled through the streets of Sacramento on Friday over the shooting death of a black man by Sacramento Police.

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Stephon Clark, 22, was shot and killed in his family’s backyard after officers tracked him down amid reports of burglaries in the area. Body camera footage released on Wednesday showed a short time between officers’ first contact and shots being fired at Clark. Further complicating matters were reports from Sacramento Police in the aftermath of the shooting saying Clark had a weapon, when it was later found he only had a cellphone in his possession.

Protesters marched through the streets of Sacramento following a day of marching that blocked traffic on Interstate 5 and fans from the Sacramento Kings from entering Thursday’s game.

On Friday, crowds rotated throughout Downtown Sacramento streets, alternating between the Capitol and the Interstate 5 onramps on I Street, eventually making its way to the Capital City Freeway on the other side of town.

VIDEO: Five Seconds After Yelling ‘Gun’ Sacramento Cops Opened Fire

Throughout the two days of protests, only one arrest has been reported. That was for a broken window on a bus on Friday afternoon.

  1. Gene Rey says:

    Well, can’t blame them; nobody’s enforcing the laws to stop them!

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