By Carlos Correa

STOCKTON (CBS13) — An elderly woman in Stockton is recovering tonight after she was injured during a home invasion robbery.

It happened around 3 a.m. Tuesday in the 2600 block of Angel Street.

Stockton resident, Jermaine Perry says he heard police sirens rushing past his home early Tuesday morning. It’s when officers say they were on their way to investigate a home invasion.

“It’s crazy because I have little brothers in the house and I have a grandma as well. It’s heartbreaking for somebody to hear that,” said Perry.

Investigators say an 84-year-old woman heard noises coming from her home in the Bear Creek District. When she yelled out, the suspects, described as four black men ran out, only to return five minutes later.

“She had a head injury, and it was determined that during this robbery that the suspect put a pillow over her head and at some point, she fell, and that’s what caused the injury to her head,” said Joe Silva of the Stockton Police Department.

While one suspect placed the pillow over the victim’s head, police say the other three men walked away with some of her belongings. The late-night robbery has many neighbors concerned for their own safety.

“Oh yeah, it concerns me a heck of a lot. My house is all alarmed, censored lights, and all kinds of stuff, and I got dogs, so I’m well protected, but you get these senior citizens that aren’t, and it’s a shame,” said Art Smith, who lives nearby.

While officers search for the suspects, they recommend neighbors be proactive and check on the elderly regularly if they know they live alone. Officers also say it might be a good idea to start a neighborhood watch program or even have some type of security system in place.

“I guess you can put your burglar alarm on, but the cops it will still take them a minute to get to you once it starts going off and stuff, but I guess it would help a little bit,” said Richard Schuster who lives nearby.

Stockton police officers urge anyone with information to contact crime stoppers.


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