By Angela Greenwood

YUBA COUNTY (CBS13) — It’s a story of unwavering strength as a Yuba County family pulls through a string of bad luck, overcoming tragedy after tragedy.

It started in August as the father, a deputy, was shot in the line of duty.

Now, his son is in the intensive care unit at the UC Davis Medical Center, following a nearly fatal car crash.

In between the shooting and the car accident, a wildfire also affected the family, but they are resilient clinging to their faith to get through it all.

The timing is almost unbelievable.

“It’s a test, it’s a test,” said Shane Bronson.

A series of nightmares that came crashing down one after another. But it’s a miracle that Bronson is focusing on as his 16-year-old son recovers from an accident that nearly killed him.

“I think God definitely had his hand on the whole process,” said Bronson.

Bronson has seen and worked thousands of accidents before. He’s a 14-year veteran deputy with the Yuba County Sheriff’s Department.

“It doesn’t matter what I’ve seen in my career, nothing prepares you to see your child like that,” said Bronson.

On March 15, his son Braedon Bronson, a Marysville High student, crashed into a tree, suffering major injuries including a brain injury.

“I knew he had stopped breathing at some point.”

Braedon has been at UC Davis Medical Center since, improving every day. He’s walking, talking and smiling.

“He is handling this like a champ.”

He’s a fighter just like his dad. This past August, Shane almost lost his life as well when he was shot three times in the line of duty by a felon at a marijuana grow site near Oregon House.

“Mentally it’s been the hardest. I still struggle with that,” said Bronson.

Just two months later in October, Braedon’s mom barely escaped the Cascade Fire that ripped through her neighborhood, although her home wasn’t touched.

It’s been a trying time, but Bronson says his family’s faith has helped them through. Now, they’re sharing their tragedies to inspire others in times of trouble.

“More than anything, to offer a glimpse of hope to prove that God exists,” said Bronson.


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