SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — An online challenge is making the rounds and putting teens in danger. It’s called the “condom snorting challenge.”

Viral videos show teens inhaling the products with no regard to the risks. The challenge first surfaced several years ago, but it’s making a comeback and doctors say it can come with some serious consequences, even death.

It’s the latest online challenge that has teens snorting condoms.

“It’s just another thing to add to the shocking list,” said Sacramento mother Jazmine Tablat.

As part of the “condom snorting challenge,” teens put unwrapped condoms into one of their nostrils and then inhale until it comes out of their mouth. It’s challenge craze that comes with deadly consequences.

“It’s almost as if you’re putting saran wrap up your nose,” said Sacramento pediatrician Dr. Daniel McCrimons.

Not only can snorting condoms cause infection and sinus issues, McCrimons says it can lead to suffocation.

“It could bypass the throat and then lodge into your trachea.”

But just like others before it, including the Tide Pod challenge and multiple types of suicide challenges, teens are ignoring the dangers. Sacramento seventh grader Jordan Love says he just doesn’t get it.

“It’s dumb. Like, why would you do that?”

A question many have. Dr. McCrimons says he believes there’s likely an underlying theme.

“I think the common denominator with all of these experiments, is that they just don’t sense a feeling of personal happiness to sustain them and they’re looking for things to make them happy.”

Never-ending trends that are putting children at risk.

“Everything will be locked up and secure in our house,” said Tablat.

Teens are now being urged to think twice before accepting this new challenge.

“Why would you want to take a risk that was that unpredictable,” said Dr. McCrimons.


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