By Lemor Abrams

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — As protests over the Stephon Clark shooting enter week three, activists have a new tool in the fight for justice: a Facebook ad of DA Anne Marie Schubert covered in blood.

“The picture means the blood of these people that have died are on her hands,” said activist Berry Accius.

The ad also paints dollar signs in Schubert’s eyes.

Accius, taking the lead in the attacks on the DA, says it refers to two donations she received shortly after the Stephon Clark shooting.

“Her campaign says it—if you’re supposed to be independent, why does it seem like you’re sleeping with everyone that’s attached to this case?,” said Accius.

According to the County Election’s Office, Schubert received $10,000 from the California Statewide Law Enforcement Association on March 20, two days after the Stephon Clark shooting. Later that week, she got $3,000 from the Sacramento County Alliance of Law Enforcement.

A spokeswoman tells CBS 13, “CSLEA has a history of donations to DA Schubert, and the March donation is in no way connected to the recent high-profile shooting incident.”

“Officers need to be charged and arrested. I don’t think people will stop,” said Ava Nadal.

Nadal hasn’t stopped protesting since Clark was shot and killed, and she’s standing right there with Accius outside the DA’s office putting pressure on Schubert to prosecute.

“Where does your allegiance really lie?” Accius said.

Schubert hasn’t responded to CBS13’s requests for comment on this story.


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