By Macy Jenkins

FOLSOM (CBS13) – A flood watch is in effect throughout the Sacramento Valley until Sunday morning. Many homeowners in the area worried about another round of flooding just two weeks after the last storm.

“I’ve been spending the last seven years praying for rain and getting out of the drought, and now I’m praying for no rain!” said Trent Wise, who lives in Folsom.

Homeowners, like Wise, lined up behind city hall in Folsom Thursday afternoon, ready to fill up sandbags.

“We actually flooded a week and a half ago when we had that intense rain!”

Wise told CBS13 the storm drains on his street got backed up with mud and all the water in his neighborhood came rushing into his home.

“Just got back in the house on Easter and so I wasn’t happy about the atmospheric storm coming in,” he said.

Officials with Cal OES advised people throughout Northern California to trim trees, clear drains, and park vehicles away from areas prone to flooding.

“We always encourage the public to be prepared for a storm or incoming rain,” said Monica Vargas, a Cal OES spokesperson. “If you’re driving and you see some flooding on roadways, it’s always a good idea to turn around. The saying goes ‘Turn around, don’t drown.’”

Wise said he’s grateful his friends jumped in to help him fill sandbags before it was too late. And he plans to take as many trips as necessary to make sure the water stays out this time.

“I’ve been out here for the last three days just building a wall around our house to at least get through this storm,” he said. “I’m going to get used to it for the rest of this rainy season and then build ourselves a flood wall!”


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