By Marc Woodfork

Not being a fan of the horror genre at all, I had reservations about this film.  I could not have been more wrong.  “A Quiet Place” stars and is directed by John Krasinski about a family that has to live in almost complete silence due to a creature of unknown origin that hunts people by sound.  That in itself is a frightening concept.

The film takes hold from start to finish.  The movie is beautifully shot and edited to build and hold the suspense.  It’s not the blood and guts typical horror film,  its life lies in the tenseness and thrill.  Co-starring is Emily Blunt and a stellar cast of young actors who pull off a difficult job of acting without speaking.

The film works so well because it’s convincing.  You believe the characters and you take the ride alongside them.  My only criticisms would be, I wish we would’ve gotten a little more backstory about the creatures.  Where they came from, why they’re here.  But that’s also part of what makes “A Quiet Place” so good: fear of the unknown.  It’s easily the best Horror film that has come out in many years.

“The Miracle Season” tells the true, inspiring story of West High School girls’ volleyball team that rallied together to win the state championship after the tragic loss of one of the team’s star players.  Helen Hunt plays head coach Kathy Bresnahan and what a treat to see Helen Hunt back on the big screen She’s still an incredible presence on screen.  We forget just how good of an actor she is.   This role seems to have been tailor-made for her.

“The Miracle Season” is every bit of inspiring and heartfelt as you would expect.  All of the young actors committed to their roles and it shows with stellar performances.

Coupled with the very good cinematography of volleyball action and a well-written script, this film will tug at your heartstrings.  Don’t forget to bring along your tissue box.


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