SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A man accused of jaywalking in Del Paso Heights who was beaten by a Sacramento Police officer has settled his case with the city.

The video sparked nationwide outrage. Nandi Cain, who was walking home from work, was accused of jaywalking and confronted by Officer Anthony Figueroa.

“He beating him like that,” said the woman recording the altercation.

Cain was hit upwards of 20 times.

“It turns out he had not in fact jaywalked,” said Cain’s Attorney John Burris. “At the same time, he should not have been assaulted in the manner in which he was.”

Cain settled his lawsuit with the city for $550,000 pending signatures from both parties involved.

Burris says police policy reforms included in the settlement will prevent similar issues from happening in the future.

“Hopefully in the African-American communities [police officers] will develop a better relationship with the community if they know the community officers are not stopping them and harassing them.”

According to the settlement, all Sacramento Police Officers will take bias training. New recruits will take a cultural immersion course.

“We really are trying to change the mindset and the culture of the department on how they view various people in the community,” said Burris.

Other reforms included body camera footage to be matched with officer’s written reports. The city will also have to collect jaywalking citation data.

“I’m glad we’re putting this behind us as best we can and go forward as a city,” said Sacramento City Councilman Allen Warren.

While the city of Sacramento and police department declined to comment on the settlement, Warren, who represents Cain’s district says positives will come of the reforms.

“You’re going to see additional reforms coming out of a variety of things that we think will make the city better,” said Warren.

He says he hopes to see changes in the way policing is done throughout the city.

“The taxpayers have an expectation that they’re going to be dealt with fairly across ethnic and cultural lines,” said Warren.

Cain will be cleared of any criminal wrongdoing in the case. As for Officer Figueroa, he will not be allowed to work as a patrol officer in Del Paso Heights for the next two years. He must also complete implicit bias training.

The Sacramento City Council is expected to sign off on the settlement next week.

  1. You liberals start the video where convenient…he wasn’t beaten for jaywalking…he was resisting Police ,,,Hmm diversity and cultural training for the Police? How about some for the community that disrespects Authority, law, rules, and civility?

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