By Macy Jenkins

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Friday’s rain brought flooding to parts of the Sacramento Valley. Officials received several calls about backed up drains and debris collecting on the streets.

“It’s a little worrisome because I have horses in a stable and so the pastures are all flooded out,” said Cindy James, who lives in Sacramento.

Matt Robinson, a spokesperson with Sacramento County Department of Water Resources, told CBS 13 the county is prepared to handle localized flooding as long as there is a break in the rain, giving the water enough time to drain.

Over in Orangevale, a barrier wall collapsed between a shopping center on Greenback Lane and Sunshine Mobile Village. According to Sacramento Metro Fire Department, the wall was weakened by wet weather.

“Well it looked pretty sturdy, I thought it was,” said Sue Calicutt, who lives next door.

Calicutt was in her home when the wall collapsed. But she didn’t hear it and only found out what had happened when emergency responders knocked on her door with an urgent message.

“‘Get out!’” she recounted. “So I got out!”

Some neighbors said they weren’t surprised to see the wall come crashing down because of all of the water that accumulates next to it whenever it rains.

“The creeks are overgrown with debris and brush, and it’s just creating a flood hazard,” said Dave Douglass.

He said he’s glad no one was injured during this collapse, but worries it could easily happen again.

“Well, it makes me nervous,” Douglass said. “I live in a park, the same thing and I mean we’re constantly watching everytime it rains, we’re watching the water!”

His said he wants Sacramento County to clean up the creeks.

But Robinson said county workers already have an aggressive cleaning schedule.

“We’re cleaning these gutters on a daily basis,” he told CBS13.

And if the drain is on private property, he said it’s up to the owner to make sure it’s clear.

“The public has done a great job of doing their part to remove leaves and debris from clogged drains so that way we don’t see that much of a problem,” he said.

Robinson said he expects water levels to stay under flood stage. But county officials plan to watch the weather for any last minute changes overnight.


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