SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – People considering concealed-carry permits may now be required to have more training.

A proposed bill would create a state standard of eight-hour minimum of CCW training across the state.

Right now, each county sheriff decides how to handle weapons permits and the state only mandates a maximum 16 hours of training – but no minimum.

The proposed bill would also make every county require live firearm training for first time applicants.

“It makes people more accountable, they have to be trained,” said Amy Phillips from Moms Demand Action.

The proposal is sparking mixed reactions.

“This is an attack on lower income people. It should be up to the sheriff; he knows his people, he knows his county, that’s how it should be looked at,” said Rob Charney, a concealed carry weapons instructor.

A rally in support of the bill is expected to take place at the State Capitol later Monday.


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