SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Two protesters have been arrested during a protest of the shooting of an unarmed black man by Sacramento Police.

Sacramento Police say protesters were in the parking lot of the Sacramento County District Attorney’s Office and blocking vehicles and employees from leaving. Two people were arrested when they wouldn’t disperse following the officers’ orders.

Black Lives Matter has held protests outside the district attorney’s office three days a week for the past three weeks. They say the protests will continue until charges are announced against the two officers who shot Stephon Clark.

The death of Clark has prompted a national discussion on police violence. Clark was shot to death in his grandmother’s backyard after police say he broke into vehicles in the neighborhood on March 18. Police released body camera and helicopter camera video showing Clark’s final moments, including the quick decision by police to open fire. Officers in the video could be heard saying Clark had a gun, but later evidence showed no gun, just a cellphone.

The midweek protests have been largely peaceful with protesters blocking nearby roads and police allowing them to protest until they disperse in the evening. This week, protesters began doing more than simply blocking streets and have taken to the parking lot of the district attorney’s office where they have confronted employees and blocked the lot. On Tuesday, protesters made it as far as the back door of the DA’s office.

Thursday’s arrests are believed to be the first arrests made in the midweek protests.


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