By Marc Woodfork

Based on the 80’s video game of the same name ‘Rampage’ stars Dwayne “Rock” Johnson as a primatologist who looks after a rare albino gorilla.  This “gentle” giant comes in contact with a secret government chemical that genetically changes animals into “super” animals with enhanced size and strength and mental awareness.

Clearly suspension of disbelief is needed to watch this movie.  But isn’t that what going to the movies is supposed to be about?  Forgetting about what makes sense and what is believable.   Most people will see this film and call it the worst movie they’ve ever seen.

It’s not that bad.  Consider the source material.  You get exactly what you would expect from it.  Plain and simple.  Lots of carnage, lots of unrealistic action, and plenty of cheesy, cliche one-liners.  Guilty pleasure at its best.

I will say the CGI work is impressive.  Dwayne Johnson in the lead role does exactly what he’s good at,  shooting, fighting and showing off his physique at every opportunity.

The video game version of  “Rampage” was fun but it was never a huge favorite amongst then gaming community.  We certainly didn’t think someday it would make a great film.  “Rampage” the film version much like the video game is fun, but what’s the point.  One of those ideas that really didn’t need to make it past the ‘Hey, I have an idea for a movie’ stage.


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