By Marc Woodfork

It’s the classic party game, Truth or Dare, that everyone has played or still plays when groups of people get together and can’t think of anything else to do. This time, the stakes are higher and the game gets deadly.

We know where this is going.  It’s really not a surprise to anyone how this film is going to play out.  I’ll give Blumhouse productions credit for redefining the horror genre.  I don’t think you can classify their films as horror.  Not in the classic sense of  ‘horror films’.

The film starts as typical as you would expect.  A group of college-aged kids on spring break sitting around drinking decide to play the game.  During the game, they are told that once you start playing, you have to keep playing or you die.  Of course.

So, one by one they start dying until someone figures out how to end the game.  There’s nothing in the film that’s groundbreaking or thought-provoking.  That’s not what the filmmakers were going for.   It’s silly and you’ll find yourself looking at your watch often and wondering when will this finally be over.

If you find yourself watching this movie, play a game of your own.  Try figuring out who will be the next person to die and how they die.  Much more interesting and fun way to pass the time during the film.


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