By Steve Large

RANCHO MURIETA (CBS13) — Inside the pages of the small, weekly Rancho Murieta newspaper the River Valley Times, the sentence generating big backlash is an opinion piece written in response to the police shooting of Stephon Clark.

It reads, “police have to be careful not to overact and you black men might be better off at home after a certain hour.”

The line is drawing a swift reaction.

David Lee and his family live in the gated community where the paper is circulated.

“Just disgusting,” he said. “I mean, that’s how I feel about it.”

According to The Sacramento Bee, the latest census data shows 89 percent of residents who live in Rancho Murieta are white. One percent are black.

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Brandon Cager is part of that one percent with his family and says the column doesn’t reflect the community.

“We’ve lived out here what, a year and a half and been welcomed and never had any issues on that,” Cager said.

Marcia Courson wrote the controversial column. She did not respond to CBS13 calls seeking a comment.

Her boss, publisher Dave Herburger did.

“We don’t condone the notion of a minority curfew,” Herburger said in a phone interview.

“(The column) is the definition of tone deaf on this issue.”

“I called in the morning and let her know I was upset,” Herburger said.

Herburger took blame for allowing the piece to be published, citing a short staff, that left no editor to read the column before it went to print.

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Courson has been a freelance writer for the paper for 10 years.

A small town columnist choosing the high-profile Stephon Clark shooting for her subject is leaving readers seeking an explanation.

“Why would you say something like that,” Lee said.

Herburger said he expected an explanation for readers to be printed in next week’s edition. He had not determined if the Courson will face discipline.

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  1. I think this reporter meant to say this to avoid the cops late at night for DWB and WWB. But then again, she is a product of the fifties guessing by her age. How can you call it racism when these young kids do not listen to police? I call it a disconnect or lack of the Family Unit. AKA, a DAD in the house. Not just a sperm donor who brags about knocking up all his baby mamas.

  2. “…after a certain hour.” In my neighborhood, and especially on my street, that “hour” is 24/7/365! Ya feelin’ me, hommies? Break into my crib and get a major lead injection! I got ZERO TOLERANCE for feral, untethered simians!

  3. Joe Pace says:

    Is there anyone in this country who isn’t outraged?
    Life isn’t to make you happy so stop expecting it to.
    Buy something or get out I am running a business here not a rest-home.

  4. Blacks per capita by race do the vast majority of violent crimes, so they SHOULD be forced off the streets earlier. But this doesn’t even say that; it says blacks should exercise good judgement and go home as a reasonable hour. Of course, if blacks exercised good judgement they wouldn’t be doing the violent crimes, and would already be home . . .

  5. I can see how it might PO people but it’s true and would probably save Black lives because only Black lives matter and that is too important. So stay home.

  6. A minority curfew would lower the crime rate.

  7. Astonished white guy “why would they say something like that?” for he knows we clearly specified 11pm.

  8. I have an even better idea, how about not breaking into cars and running from cops?

    1. Huck Klmdia says:

      In a large number of major urban areas, white folks practice a self-imposed curfew after certain hours, mainly to avoid black crime.

  9. Black Homicide Offender Rate = 12.4 per 100,000……..
    White Homicide Offender Rate = 1.4 per 100,000……….
    Black Robbery Offender Rate = 104.2 per 100,000……
    White Robbery Offender Rate = 10.3 per 100,000…..
    …any questions?

  10. Instead of talking about the content of the author’s column, people are arguing about whether it was should have been permitted to be said at at all. Argue the content people, not the right to voice the content.

    1. That’s the danger now, free speech is dead and only PC speech (and PC meaning leftist blame everyone except those responsible) is allowed. I am not picking sides, but I agree with another commentator that the author of the column was most likely well meaning and didn’t realize how her words would be twisted by the mindless to say something else . The same people attacking her are the ones that think Fuhrer David Hogg is a prophet here to do away with the evil guns. Mindless, but “useful idiots” is all they are ,as Lenin would say, tro be used and then discarded.

  11. John Oakman says:

    No matter how many crimes Blacks commit there is Always an”outcry”.

  12. Down here in the South we practice Southern Hospitality for trouble makers. It’s called a rope and a tree.

    1. No…you don’t. You’re just running your mouth seeking recognition and validation.

      If you had the capability and self-confidence to achieve recognition anywhere that actually matters, you wouldn’t seek it in a venue where it’s not necessary to earn it.

      Life-long factory worker…or gas station clerk?

  13. It is quite obvious that the writer is not calling for a curfew. Ignorance reigns supreme.

  14. Frank Muller says:

    Black violence and crime is wildly out of proportion.

  15. Give it a try, it just might work…

  16. In the words of King (Rodney, not Martin Luther) “What can’t we all just get along?”

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