By Carlos Correa

RIVERBANK (CBS13) — It’s a neighborhood feud that has already caught the attention of city leaders in the small community of Riverbank.

The fight is over a skateboard ramp that has now turned into a growing business.

A Riverbank father whose hobby has helped bring in some extra cash is now being asked to find other ways to earn money, or he’ll get fined.

Ken Hoyt, 50, wanted to make sure his kids had some fun outdoor activities. So, seven years ago he built them a skateboard ramp right in the backyard.

“It’s something I tried to do. I try to keep my kids away from technology and doing real-life activities,” he said.

The skateboard ramp attracted not only children from around the neighborhood but also people who wanted ramps built for them.

Things were fine until about a year ago when his neighbor started complaining.

“Basically, bullying us. It’s got to stop. This is a hostile situation,” he said.

His next door neighbor didn’t want to talk on camera, but his complaints over noise, unwelcome visitors and running an illegal business caught the attention of city leaders.

“He sometimes, he skateboards on the board. Our kids, they love it, watching him, instead of just playing games all day on the computer so, it’s just like an inspiration for them,” said Sabi Kaur, neighbor.

The Riverbank City Council recently gathered to meet about the complaints against Hoyt. City leaders voted unanimously to issue Hoyt a compliance order for his home business.

“I never saw anything going on there. But I do see them playing sometimes. I haven’t seen them lately,” said neighbor, Jasma.

City officials say Hoyt is allowed to build skateboard ramps as a hobby, he just can’t sell them. Neighbors hope the decision will end all the fighting.

“I like both of the neighbors. I think they are both great people. Hopefully, they will get it worked out,” said another neighbor.

City officials say if Hoyt violates the compliance order he does face a hefty penalty, which holds a maximum of $100,000.


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