WINTERS (CBS13) – Authorities are asking Winters residents to be on alert after tracks from a mountain lion were discovered near town.

The Winters Police Department says officers were called to inspect some bones found on a bike path behind the city’s PG&E facility. The bones belonged to an animal, police say, but something else of interest was discovered nearby.

A single track, most likely from a mountain lion, was found in the mud.

Police say the track meets the criteria of it most-likely being from a mountain lion.

Department of Fish and Wildlife officials are asking Winters residents to be wary and avoid doing activities when mountain lions are most active – dawn, dusk and at night.

It’s not too uncommon for large animals to make their way down to Winters, police say. Back in 2016, a young bear was spotted in town.

The animals are usually following prey down Putah Creek, which runs just south of the Yolo County town.


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