SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – In the past few months, multiple teens claim they were jumped and stripped of their belongings. And today, while we were interviewing one of the victims, it happened again.

“I thought I was gonna die at first ’cause they were just, like, stomping on me and kicking me for like a minute,” said a Sheldon High student.

He was jumped by 12 teens as he walked home from school.

“It just happened all right here,” he said.

A freshman at Sheldon High who didn’t want to be identified said it happened last month as he left a school dance. He was walking on a trail used by many students.

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“They started punching me,” he said.

He was blindsided and then robbed of his Jordans.

“They took my shoes, picked me up and threw me in the puddle and then took off,” he said.

The suspects tried but couldn’t get away with his cell phone or belt, but left him bruised and battered.

And this isn’t the first time it happened.

Last week, another teen was allegedly jumped by a large group and stripped of his shoes and pants in the same area.

Minutes before we were scheduled to interview Jose Campos about his son being jumped and robbed in February, his son was targeted again — this time by three teens.

His son got away and one of the suspects was caught by a neighbor, who, according to Campos, admitted that they were also students at Sheldon High and on the varsity football team.

“It’s not cool, you know. These little punks are out there, you know, three on one, 10 on one, whatever it is,” he said.

The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department is investigating each incident to see if they’re related.

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“This doesn’t happen often…when we see it, it catches our eye,” said Sheriff’s department spokesperson Shaun Hampton.

Sheldon High students being beaten up and robbed by their own classmates: a trend that this victim hopes will end soon.

“It’s just bad, like, don’t you want to be nice to people?” he said.

And Campos says since it appears the suspects are student-athletes. He plans to go to the school Thursday to see what can be done.

Meanwhile, deputies say they plan to review surveillance video in the area in hopes of finding those involved in the other incidents.


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Comments (3)
  1. John Smith says:

    No description but let me guess. The perps were black.

  2. Tell the truth….the perps were either black or Mexican….

  3. I don’t know what CBS13 is getting at, but “teens” is not a word you can really use any more.

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