By Lemor Abrams

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — It may be 4/20, the day known as the annual weed holiday, but hundreds of marijuana enthusiasts are feeling a little down after the city told them to hold off on public cannabis consumption.

So, if recreational marijuana is legal, why can’t users consume it in dispensaries?

Marijuana users say their parties, went to pot because of a bureaucratic buzzkill.

Sacramento’s “Hella 4/20” pot party, went on Friday, cannabis-free. Exhale Smoke Shop Owner Ryan Donnelly didn’t like the thought, but had no choice.

“The city just refuses to give any permits even though we’re now legal recreationally,” said Donnelly.

When the state legalized recreational marijuana use in January, it left it up to local jurisdictions to approve where people can consume it.

Cities like San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkley all gave the green light.

In Sacramento, red tape.

“Right now, we’re a little over-regulated,” said Marijuana Advocate and Dispensary Owner Kimberly Cargile.

Cargile is pushing to expand the rules.

“Under local ordinance or city law, there is no on-site consumption except in a private residence. We’re hoping this will be heard before the city council this year,” she said.

For now, Sacramento’s determined to crack down on businesses letting people light up. The city’s enforcement team spent 4/20, inspecting all local dispensaries and smoke shops.

Donnelly still sees no better place to enjoy four hours and twenty minutes of cannabis consumption, on the annual marijuana holiday.

“In a place like this, we have a bar above us 21 -years and older – a gas station parking lot—we literally have no one around us to have any problems,” he said.

Will the city consider changing the ordinance in the future? The answer to that is hazy.

The city’s pot czar sent CBS13 a statement saying, “We will be evaluating activity against our existing enforcement tools and will adjust as needed.”

The City Council will be looking at possibly opening the door for weed events at Cal Expo at Tuesday night’s meeting.


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