BERKELEY, Calif. (AP) — A squirrel now occupies one of UC Berkeley’s 20 student senate seats.

The Sacramento Bee reports “Furry Boi” was named on April 13 to the Associated Students of the University of California Senate.

The squirrel initially took the form of a critter living among campus trees, running on platforms such as easier acorn access.

But the man behind the campaign, sophomore Stephen Boyle, posted his real intentions and policy platforms Monday to Facebook.

Boyle used Furry Boi to get his foot in the door, and his actual concerns are environmentalism, disabilities/mental illness and a better campus community with increased school spirit.

As a result of the successful satiric campaign, Boyle occupies one of 20 spots filled in last week’s election tally.

The campaign upset some elected student officers, who saw it as a sign students weren’t taking student government seriously.


Information from: The Sacramento Bee,


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