SACRAMENTO (CBS13) Every county in California may soon have an automatic emergency alert notification system in order to let residents know about public safety issues.

Senate Bill 821 would create the system, which would allow residents the ability to choose to opt-out of alerts. Currently, people need to sign up for the alerts before getting cell phone and email warnings. According to the bill’s author, Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson (D- Santa Barbara), fewer than 30% of people living near the Thomas Fire had signed up to receive the alerts.

SB 821 unanimously passed the Senate Governmental Organization Committee Tuesday. The Senate will vote on it by June 1.

  1. So people will be signed up automatically…then only if they do not want to be notified they must opt out? And you are supplying a training or email, or mailing information about this to every person that owns a phone and/or email long before it takes affect? Or are you just going to do it and hope for the best? If a person does not want to be notified, why are you intruding into their lives…is this more big brother watching us?

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