CARMICHAEL (CBS13) — Two families say they feel helpless after they claim school officials won’t help their kids who are being bullied.

The San Juan Unified School District confirms there was a fight behind Carmichael Elementary Tuesday afternoon involving a group of young middle school boys.

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CBS 13 learned paramedics had to be called.

“He was dirty, with grass and dust, his hair was mixed up, his head was red where he was punched,” said Richard Hamilton, father of one of the boys.

That’s how Hamilton says he found his 11-year-old son, Richard Jr., Tuesday afternoon.

Hamilton says his son had been beaten up in a field behind Carmichael Elementary, by a 14-year old boy.

He says it’s not the first time his son has been picked on.

“This is the second time it happened, this kid who beat my son yesterday, he was the kid who recorded with his cell phone when they were beating my son the first time,” Hamilton added.

“Bullying is devastating for victims, it causes elevated levels of anxiety, depression,” said Robert Faris, an Associate Professor of Sociology at UC Davis.

He says at least one of three of school children experiences bullying, usually by a peer who Faris says has a desire to gain social status.

“It’s kind of a manifestation of problematic home lives, psychological deficiencies, shortages of empathy, emotional management problems,” said Faris.

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Faris adds schools with more counselor availability have lower rates of bullying.

According to a spokeswoman with San Juan Unified, the school has counselors and an anti-bullying program.

In a written statement, the spokeswoman tells CBS13 “…those involved are subject to disciplinary actions by the school, up to and including suspension or expulsion”.

“I just want my kid to go to school without getting his a– beat, or having to fight every other three or four weeks,” said Antonio Lerma.

Lerma says his son is also being bullied and beaten by the same group of kids.

He says he wants school officials to step up and bring on harsher consequences before the physical violence turns fatal.

“It’s like a never-ending cycle of next, like who’s next? Who wants to pick on me next?” said Lerma.

Lerma reached out to CBS13 after the interview on Wednesday.
He says his son had to spend his lunch break inside the school office, after receiving another threat.

The district tells CBS13 “appropriate disciplinary actions were taken.”

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Lerma says the student got a verbal warning.