SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Emotions spilled over as protesters with Black Lives Matter blocked traffic on Exposition Boulevard in front of Cal Expo Saturday afternoon and clashed with frustrated drivers.


“I’m hostage! That’s not right. If I run somebody down like those dang crazy folks in some of those southern states, then I’ll be held liable, but I’m a hostage” said driver, Linda Dotson.


The situation intensified as some drivers got out of their cars to confront protesters face to face.


Organizers with Black Lives Matter say the protest was to rekindle the energy and let the community know they are still actively seeking justice in the police shooting death of Stephon Clark.


“And we want his name to be lifted” said Tanya Faison with Black Lives Matter Sacramento.  “When you have a large audience like this in Sacramento and we’ve been fighting on these streets like this for a long time, the name needs to be lifted” she said.


The group chose the Cal Expo location knowing the area would be busy with Cannabis Cup attendees and they could make an impact.


And despite police efforts to shut down the exit ramp near the venue the clashes continued, with some drivers running over road dividers to get around the crowds. One driver threw a soda can out the window in the direction of a protester but it fell short of hitting her.


Even those sympathetic to efforts of Black Lives Matter felt the frustration as the demonstration dragged on.


“Even though I agree with Black Lives Matter, don’t hold me hostage!” said Dotson. “And that’s what I feel like, I’m in a hostage situation. Go to the Capitol!” she said.


Despite the tense verbal confrontations between protesters and drivers, there was no physical violence and police made no arrests.



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