By Angela Greenwood

UC DAVIS (CBS13) — He’s a child genius who will soon become the youngest engineer student to ever graduate from UC Davis.

Next month, 14-year-old Tanishq Abraham will receive his Bachelor’s Degree in biomedical engineering. He’s been attending the university since he was 12 and if that wasn’t enough, Wednesday night his academic achievements grew even more.

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He fits in well with the college crowd, but he’s no ordinary college student.

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“It’s just the way my life is,” said Abraham.

He’s just 14 years old and in three weeks, Abraham will be a UC Davis graduate. His journey started with a love of dinosaurs, and by 7, Abraham was taking community college courses. At 10, he graduated high school.

He can’t even drive a car, but he’s earned his college degree.

Tanishq Abraham

Abraham’s professors say when it comes to academics, his age doesn’t show.

David Furlow, UC Davis University Honors Program director said, “There is a maturity there and a willingness to dive right into the what the university has to offer.”

On Wednesday, the youngest biomedical engineering student in all of America was inducted into one of the oldest, and most prestigious honor societies, the Phi Beta Kappa society.

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“I’m excited that I’m being recognized for my efforts.”

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The young man still manages to make some time for fun.

“Twitter’s my big hobby.”

And his parents say at home he’s just an average teen.

“We see that typical talking back and fights,” said mother Taji Abraham.

Abraham eventually wants to become a doctor, but his long-term goal is to one day become the president of the United States.

If his next 14 years are anything like his first, the sky’s the limit for the child prodigy.

Abraham has already been accepted into the UC Davis graduate program where he plans to get his M.D. In the next four or five years. His 12-year-old sister is currently attending a college course at American River College.

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