YOLO COUNTY — A Bay Area man is behind bars, for allegedly trafficking a 16-year old girl from Winters.

Jeremiah Bessolo-Marsh, 21, was arraigned in Yolo County Wednesday. He’s accused of pimping the young girl and selling photos and videos of her for money.

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Marsh was arrested by Contra Costa County sheriff’s deputies on Friday, who say they found him living in a tent. He’s now being held on $375,000 bail in the Yolo County Jail.

Winters police say the suspect has no history of trafficking, the 16-year old girl appears to be his first victim.

“She did love this guy, they were together and they were boyfriend and girlfriend,” said Winters Police Detective David Gonzalez.

Gonzalez says Bessolo-Marsh first met the victim at a party in Contra Costa County, last September.

Soon after, the two began hanging out, and the victim started running away to be with Bessolo-Marsh, who police say is a transient. He eventually brainwashed the victim into using drugs and leaving school.

“She had nowhere to stay, nothing to eat, nowhere to use the bathroom, so in order for them to bring in some funds he persuaded her to sell videos and commit sexual acts and bring money in that way,” Gonzalez added.

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Bessolo-Marsh got on law enforcement’s radar in October, after the victim’s parents filed a runaway report and a restraining order against him.

That didn’t stop the pair from talking on social media. Bessolo-Marsh was arrested twice in 2018, for violating the restraining order.

“They are brainwashed into believing these pimps, predators that are selling them or their images, are somehow people they should know and trust and love, and it’s a complete farce,” said Yolo County District Attorney Jeff Reisig.

Seven months 1,100 pages of evidence later, Bessolo-Marsh is behind bars.

A case that now has locals on-edge, and a reminder human trafficking can happen anywhere.

“We have to be more diligent,” said a shocked Winters man.

Bessolo-Marsh is being charged with ten felony counts, including human trafficking and dispensing drugs to a minor.

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His next court appearance will be on May 18.