SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – More than half of all Americans don’t use all of the vacation time they earn.

Project Time Off conducted its annual study and found fewer people than in past years are leaving time on the table; however, Americans, as a whole, are not using 705 million days a year– with 212 million vacation days being forfeited annually.

In 2016 54% finished the year with unused vacation time; in 2015 it was 55%.

According to the survey, Americans used an average of a half day more vacation time in 2017 than 2016, with the average person using 17.2 vacation days a year. Baby Boomers are using the most amount of vacation days a year- 19.8; Generation X used an average of 17.9 days; Millennials used an average of 14.5 vacation days in 2017.

In 2014 Americans used an average of 16 days a year.

The survey does point out Americans are also earning more vacation time annually. The average employee reported earning 23.2 paid days off in 2017, up .6 days from 2016.

As for what people are doing on vacation- Millennials used a greater proportion of their days to travel, Baby Boomers the least.


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