By Carlos Correa

SANTA CLARA (CBS13) — A three-time gold-medalist and Olympic star in disguised to help three young athletes as they work to achieve greatness.

It’s just part of Friday’s premiere of Undercover Boss: Celebrity Edition.

One of the aspiring athletes is from Mountain House and received a surprise of a lifetime.

Kaliya Lincoln, 12, has always dreamed about winning gold just like her idol, Olympic superstar, Gabby Douglas.

“I like gymnastics because I love learning new skills and I love feeling accomplished and successful when either I’m scared of a new skill and then I do it,” she said.

Kaliya started tumbling and learning how to handstand and forward roll since the age of 5. Now spending a little more than 30 hours a week training.

“By being in gymnastics they learn to time manage so that’s a big one, they have homework and family and they have to manage their time with school. They learn how to be resilient and just working as a team,” said coach Gibran Campos.

Kaliya’s passion for the sport and remarkable moves have been getting a lot of attention from parents, coaches and even her own hero.

“The most special thing about Kaylia is her personality. I love her, I mean she has a huge heart,” said Douglas.

In Undercover Boss: Celebrity Edition, Douglas is in disguise, on a mission to pay it forward to deserving yet to be discovered individuals.

“I was in their shoes once upon a time and for the roles to completely switch and now, you know, they look up to me, it’s a huge honor,” said Douglas.

Gymnastics and the road to the Olympics can be an expensive journey. Kaliya’s proud parents share their struggles with Gabby and even brings her to tears.

“Gymnastics is an expensive sport. It is a sacrifice to make it at times it seems you know more of a struggle than you can bear but we invest in our children. And we also knew that maybe it wouldn’t happen in our lifetime so to have the person that inspired her to do gymnastics, you know actually to be there for her in that moment it was a dream come true,” said Ken Lincoln, Kaliya’s father.

Undercover Boss: Celebrity Edition premieres Friday on CBS.


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