By Steve Large

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Sacramento County park rangers are trying to track down thieves targeting a popular delta boat launch.

Rangers say someone has been stealing county fees straight out of the Walnut Grove Hogback boat launch pay box.

No one has a better view of the scenic Sacramento delta than Diane House.

House is the Courtland dock owner, a business dependent on boaters access to the waterways.

“The delta is unlimited and we’re so lucky we have such a great resource right in our own backyard,” House said.

The delta is now also a place where park rangers say at least one thief has shown persistence, targeting the Hogback boat launch.

County park fees have become the problem. The place where people pay has been turned into a thief’s personal piggy bank.

Yellow caution tape is now wrapped around the boat launch pay box where the criminal has hit again and again.

Rangers say after first fishing out envelopes with cash, the thief became more brazen, tearing off the metal box’s top with some type of machinery.

“It’s discouraging,” House said.

It’s the fees boaters pay, that keep access to these waters open.

“Some of these places may not be available after hours if people vandalize and destroy property,” House said.

At least $1,000 is gone.

Against a beautiful backdrop, Sacramento park rangers are now on the lookout for a crook.


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