SONORA (CBS13) – The Sonora Police Department is firing back after allegations of profiling against bikers.

In a video published on May 10 to YouTube, Sonora police officers can be seen checking out a group of bikes parked in the city. One officer appears to be taking photos of the bikes’ license plates. A person behind the camera can be heard saying “We get this kind of hassle from Sonora PD all the time.”

The riders claim the officer was saying and treating them like they were all in a motorcycle gang.

The video has since racked up more than 11,000 views.

Tuesday, the Sonora Police Department released a statement addressing the situation.

“The Police Sergeant in the video was simply engaging in intelligence gathering on a public street. These actions do not fall under the category of profiling as it is defined in California and there were no detentions made during this contact,” Sonora PD writes.

Callers from around the nation have apparently been flooding Sonora police’s call center in reaction to the video. Negative comments have also been appearing on the department’s social media pages.

The police department says they will not be dissuaded, however.

“We want to remind everyone that just because a video has gone viral and/or has received a large number of views, does not necessarily mean there is any substance to the allegations behind it,” Sonora PD writes.

Watch the video in question here (Warning: foul language).

Comments (2)
  1. Bryan Davies says:

    Jus Brother is a motorcycle club not a gang. Many of our members are life long members of this community that pay their taxes and support many charities and care about the community of Sonora. As with any other organization we do not condone or appreciate our police department checking lic plates and vin numbers of our members and supporters and do believe it is a violation of our right to assemble. Any threats of violence we did not make nor do we condone. We released this video to bring attention to the public that this is profiling against bikers because of the way we look and what we ride and wear. We intend to always support commerce and the well being of Sonora and community.

  2. Pay their taxes…sounds like their bikes were impounded for false registration. What an ethical group. Bunch of punks trying to get money because they were “harassed” by a police officer investigating the fake plates and tabs on those bikes.

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