SACRAMENTO (CBS) — As a child, we all had our favorite fairytales. But, do they still hold up?

A survey by musicMagpie found one in four British parents admit to altering a story because it was too violent. From Little Red Riding Hood, who gets eaten by a wolf to the gingerbread man, who gets gobbled up by a fox.

Political correctness also came into play, with 36 percent concerned by the pied piper using trickery to get kids to follow him.

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One in four thinks Sleeping Beauty is problematic because the prince kisses her without consent and the same amount disagree with Cinderella doing all the chores.

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“The natural instinct of a parent is to want to shield one’s child from anything that might be disturbing. My more academic response is that it’s probably not a good thing,” said Paula Marantz-Cohen, a distinguished professor of English at Drexel University and Dean of the Pennoni Honors College. She associates it with helicopter parenting.

“I think when parents are too protective of children from a young age, they become unable to deal with the vicissitude of life, even when it’s representational,” said Marantz-Cohen.

She encourages parents to use the opportunity to talk to their children about issues, as opposed to erasing them.

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