By Shirin Rajaee

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A popular brewing company in Oak Park was forced to close over the weekend after major health inspection violations.

Sacramento County health inspectors found dozens of cockroaches, dead rodents and mice droppings on multiple visits to Oak Park Brewing Company.

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“I’m a little grossed out, I’ve eaten here and had some beers here and now I’m kind of worried that I did that,” said customer Kenny Parker.

Shocked and disappointed, patrons of the beloved brewery were greeted with closed doors Monday and a sign from the county health inspectors office indicating an insect/rodent infestation.

“I’m pretty surprised. I didn’t think anything like this would happen here it’s a great place, always packed,” said Parker.

“My very first reaction was ew like anybody else’s would be. I was planning to meet my son for dinner there tonight and now we’re not,” said customer Shelly Blanton-Stroud.

“It’s disgusting;, I won’t be back,” said Rene Lopez.

Oak Park Brewing Company on Broadway got its first warning during a routine inspection at the end of April. When health inspectors were back on Friday they found dozens of cockroaches, dead mice and other rodents in the kitchen and throughout.

The report stated “live and dead cockroaches beneath bar equipment… Next to shelf of prep area of kitchen.” The report also found “100+ mice droppings on the floor along walls of back beer brewing area.”

This forced the county to take swift action.

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“On May 18 there was a reinspection, they found rodent droppings, live cockroaches and other vermin within the food prep area. And at that point it’s considered a major violation and the restaurant was closed immediately,” said spokesperson Kim Nava with the county.

The company took to their Facebook page saying “unfortunately were closed tonight due to unforeseen circumstances.”

“It’s crazy to me that it could get to that point. It seems like they had a couple of warnings and didn’t take care of it,” said Parker.

The county says the brewery has failed inspections three times now.

“We need evidence that there is no imminent threat of any rodents to any place that food is prepared or any other part of the restaurant at this point. Until we can see evidence of zero infestation the restaurant will remain closed,” said Nava.

Meanwhile, customers who are used to enjoying the venue are hoping to see the doors open soon

“I want them to clean it up, take care of their business and get back to business,” said Blanton-Stroud.

“This is a cornerstone of this area. A lot of people come here and I know a lot of people work here. I hope they can take care of it and open back up, We’ll see,” said Parker.

CBS13 tried reaching the owner of the brewery but calls were not returned. The county says another inspection is set for Tuesday.

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The brewery will reopen on Tuesday.