By Angela Greenwood

ELK GROVE (CBS13) — The future of The Falls Event Center in Elk Grove is still up in the air and people are now trying to get their money back.

The venue is scheduled for a public auction at the end of the month, and some who’ve already paid to hold their events there are now requesting refunds on their deposits. CBS13 has learned refunds are being given to some customers, but not others.

“I cant do anything without getting my refund,” said Monica Delgado, “it’s definitely unfair.”

Two emails sent to two different customers with completely contradicting responses. One email agrees to offer a refund, but the other refuses to.

Delgado was denied her refund from The Falls Event Center in Elk Grove. She says she’s paid in full—just shy of $6,000—for her daughter’s Quinceanera scheduled in July.

“We’ve been planning this, started talking about this since the day she was born and we found out she was a girl,” said Delgado.

The venue is scheduled for public auction on May 31st, is behind nearly $80,000 in property taxes and is being sued by The Securities and Exchange Commission for allegedly lying to investors about profits.

“I thought they were a reputable company.”

Not willing to take a chance on her daughter’s big day, Delgado requested a refund. She says she was originally told yes, but a few days later she received an email from The Falls Corporation regional manager saying in part “…we are not giving refunds for any events because we are not in breach of our contract.”

But, CBS13 has learned at least one refund has been issued to a bride-to-be who we interviewed last week. Megan McCarthy sent us an email she received Wednesday from the Elk Grove venue’s general manager claiming her refund check was on its way. CBS13 reached out to the corporate official both women were dealing directly with but did not hear back.

Delgado said, “They lied to me basically is how I feel about that.”

Without a refund, Delagado says she can’t afford to book another venue. Now, it’s a waiting game as she hopes her daughter’s celebration will still go on.

“I just think it’s a horrible business move and they’re ruining people’s days.”

The company has told CBS13 that it has reached a solution and its Elk Grove venue will remain open.

When we asked The Falls Corporate General Manager John Neubauer about why some people are getting refunds and other’s aren’t, he said he’s not in charge of that department.


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