By Lemor Abrams

WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Police say a fisherman drowned in Lake Washington off the port of West Sacramento, Wednesday morning when strong winds flipped his boat over.

Rescue crews searched the choppy water for four hours, but say they exhausted all their resources with no sign of the missing fisherman.

Winds around 30 mph made for dangerous fishing conditions.

“The water’s cold, it’s very windy so the waters very choppy,” said West Sacramento Police Sgt. Roger Kinney.

Police say three friends were out fishing when their boat capsized. Two of them had on life vests and safely made it out.

“If you’re not wearing a life jacket and you do go over, the clock is ticking on how cold you get and how much energy you can muster to get to shore,” said windsurfer Gerry Mockler.

Rescuers eventually pulled a small fishing boat out of the water. There was no other sign of the fisherman.

“Regardless of any activities.. adults or kids… wear your life vest, that’ll save your life,” said Sgt. Kinney.


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