JAPAN (CBS13) – Researchers in Japan are now making booze from trees.

The researchers at Japan’s Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute have been testing ways to disintegrate and ferment wood and using it to make alcohol and fuel. Instead of using chemicals or heat, the cherry blossom, cedar, and white birch tree wood are pulverized with water, yeast, and enzymes.

The process takes about ten days and at the end it creates an alcoholic beverage they say tastes like it was aged inside wooden barrels.

The trees were picked due to how safe the woods were used for consumption. Cherry Blossom wood chips are used to smoke meat; Cedar is used in Japan’s sake barrels; White Birch is used in disposable chopsticks and toothpicks.

The alcohol hasn’t gotten approved to drink just yet; however, researchers hope to see it sold within the next few years.


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