By Carlos Correa

STOCKTON (CBS13) — On a mission to succeed. Two young men from Stockton are working together to pay it forward so other kids from low-income families can have a life far away from gangs and gun violence.

The two athletes who played football for Stagg High School are organizing a community-wide event filled with inspiration and hope.

There are two things Cutrell Haywood, 19, and Lee Webb, 18, want to do with their lives. The first is to play for the Dallas Cowboys.

“That’s for sure a dream, playing for the favorite team that I like,” said Haywood.

The second is to help motivate other kids their age to do something positive in their lives and in their communities. The guys are putting together a camp where youth from inner-city neighborhoods can learn that it’s okay to dream big.

“If you work hard in high school, you get a lot of scholarships, you can continue that in college, you can get a free education. Being in a gang and stuff that is not going to get you far,” said Webb.

Lee is a senior at Stagg High School. He plans to attend Minot State University in North Dakota. He learned about community service and the importance of giving back from his family.

“My mom, she is like the best mother I could have, she does a lot. Like, we go out and donate clothes, we feed the homeless and she gives back to the community a lot and that inspired me a lot to help kids, give back,” said Webb.

The teens hope to pass along the skills and knowledge they learned at Stagg High School at their community event which takes place June 2.

Cutrell graduated from Stagg. He now attends Idaho University. He wants kids who attend the camp to learn about the game that kept him far away from gangs.

“Yeah, it was hard because it’s everywhere. It’s like if you walk outside, it’s like right there; you hear gunshots everywhere but I just had to stay focused. My auntie and my mom and my coach helped me stay focus and staying on track,” said Haywood.

“Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t do it. Follow your dreams,” he said.

The football camp hosted by the two Stagg High School teens takes place June 2 at Fritz Grupe Park in Stockton.


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