STOCKTON (CBS13) – A brave 14-year-old boy battling leukemia had his wish granted on Wednesday. He got to have his very own county fair, all to himself and his family.

The Sacramento County Fair opened today, but only for one person.

“He is my resilient warrior-hero,” said the boy’s mother, Tasha Miller.

Terrell Watts has spent the last year battling leukemia.

terell had leukemia Hero Teen Enjoys Fair All To Himself And His Family After Battle With Leukemia

Terrell Watts

“If I didn’t know the definition of resilient, he definitely taught me,” she said.

Tasha said it’s been a tough battle for him and his entire family but they’ve always stayed positive.

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“You cannot tell me my son’s not gonna make it; we’re not doing that,” she said.

Terrell ended up beating cancer and received his Make a Wish dream today: the whole fair to himself and his family.

And he received a special reward too, a plaque.

“We presented him as an honorary firefighter for his heroic deeds of rescuing his neighbors when there was a fire in his apartment complex,” said a Stockton firefighter.

As an honorary Stockton firefighter, Tyrell will get to go through graduation with them next year.




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