SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — President Donald Trump’s plan to roll back family planning protections is drawing opposition California’s attorney general.

Title X is the only federal program dedicated to giving patients comprehensive family planning services.

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California Attorney General Xavier Becerra sent a letter to the federal government, requesting a formal meeting with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and Office of Management and Budget.

“We are standing here united to protect women’s basic healthcare.”

Becerra spoke out against the decision that would affect 25 percent of Californian women, who are low-income or uninsured.

“It’s an attack on women,” said Crystal Strait.

Strait is the CEO of Planned Parenthood and says Title X funding is a critical lifeline for 1 million women across the state.

“That means they don’t have access to birth control, they lose access to STD screenings, cancer screenings,” said Strait.

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Federal funding already bars healthcare providers from using Title X money for abortion services. Overturning the current rule could mean each state can limit withhold Title X funds from clinics like Planned Parenthood, which provides abortion services.

“We are at a 30-year low in unintended pregnancies; we are at the lowest we have been for teen pregnancies. How do we roll back that program? Why would we roll back that program?” she asked.

But some people are applauding Trump’s decision, saying he’s making good on his promise to protect unborn lives.

“We believe human beings should be protected at all stages of life,” said Greg Burt.

Burt is with the California Family Council and says he, along with other pro-life advocates, don’t believe taxpayer dollars should be used to fund organizations that provide abortion services.

“Title X funds should be used for healthcare.”

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Becerra says he hopes to get through to the administration. If the rollback moves forward, Becerra says he will consider filing a lawsuit.