SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Using new technology, police are trying to solve a cold case homicide from 2001.

The Sacramento Police Department says the remains of a woman were found after a dumpster fire near 18th Avenue and Power Inn Road back on June 29, 2001. Initial autopsy results revealed that the remains were likely that of a woman in her late teens to mid-twenties.

Investigators have not been able to identify her. But, in late 2017, investigators sought out Parabon NanoLabs with help in DNA phenotyping the woman.

With Parabon’s help, police were given a fuller picture of the unidentified woman. Police say the woman is believed to have been African American or mixed race, contradicting the initial autopsy that found her to be white.

A composite rendering of what the woman may have looked like when she died was also compiled by Parabon.

Anyone who recognizes or knows who the woman may be is asked to contact Sacramento police at (916) 264-5471.


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