STOCKTON (CBS13) — A St. Mary’s High School student will be part of the school’s graduation after a reversal by administrators on Friday.

The school released a statement on Friday, saying in part, “We have decided to allow the student who had not been scheduled to participate in tomorrow’s graduation ceremonies to do so.”

The student they’re referring to is Alexis Irvine. CBS13 first brought you the story of the school’s decision to not let her walk at the graduation. Irvine had posted critical comments about her school education online.

The school district said earlier this week that Irvine wouldn’t be a part of the graduation ceremony because the post broke the school’s electronic use policy, which includes a section about undermining the school’s mission.

“The student’s posts on Twitter do not reflect nor support Saint Mary’s High School’s Mission and Philosophy,” school president Jim Brusa said on Wednesday.

Friday’s statement pointed to other factors that it could not disclose as to the reason for allowing Irvine to walk in Saturday’s graduation.


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