By Kelly Ryan

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Parents and students at a Sacramento high school are shaken after a reported kill list was found.

Parents at Mira Loma High School say they’re not happy with the school’s response after finding the letter with a list of student names and threats of violence including rape.

The list was found by a student who turned it in.

Julie McReynolds received an unsettling call from the vice principal on Tuesday concerning her freshman son.

“She said, ‘I don’t know how to tell you this’ and she kind of fumbled her words, and she said ‘There’s been a list that was found at school and your son is one of 14 people on the list. It’s a kill list,'” she said. I was shocked; I felt like I couldn’t breathe.”

The vice principal told her after an investigation with authorities, the list was found to be a prank.

“To me, it’s not a prank,” she said. “It’s very serious, especially in light of the shootings that have happened,” she said.

She asked to know the name of the student behind the list, but the district said it couldn’t give that information out. Instead, it’s released a statement saying:

“The threat was deemed non-credible and the student was found to have no intent or developed capacity to cause actual harm. The student is receiving appropriate disciplinary action and the families of all students identified on the list have been notified.”

McReynolds learned the student responsible was suspended for five days, which isn’t enough in her mind. She also faults the district for not meeting with parents personally or offering students counseling.

“I don’t know how to reassure my son it’s OK to go back to school, because I can’t tell him who to watch out for, and I can’t tell him it’s not going to happen, because his name is on a list,” she said.

She’s considering pulling out her son for the last two weeks of the school year.

The district has said any families that need further assistance should contact them.

Comments (2)
  1. Mandie Wood says:

    I’d pull my kid out too!! The school should have expelled the kid, not give him 5 days suspension!

  2. Regina Boggs says:

    This does not surprise me one bit, I had a similar problem with that school, my daughter was threaten by a boy who she refuse to go out with, who told others students and sent her a note that he was bringing a gun to school to kill her, the Vice Principal, thought she was going to blow it off as the boy not being right in the head, I threw a fit! I threaten to call the news stations and the school board, plus I found out the kid didnt even live in Sac, he was from Live Oak or somewhere around there, needless to say it took me threatening them for them to do something about it, he was expelled from school, Mira Loma use to be a good school yrs ago but went down hill in the early 2000’s, wouldn’t send my dog there….

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