VALLEJO (CBS13) — Pearl Pinson was just 15-years-old when she went missing two years ago on May 25. The Vallejo teen was last seen walking along an overpass on her way to school Jesse Bethel High School.

It’s a day that still haunts her sister Rosey Pinson even now.

“The past two years have been really hard for me and my family. It’s a struggle because we don’t know where our loved one is. We don’t know if she’s OK or who has her,” Pinson said.

Investigators believe Pinson may have been dragged off the bridge by her abductor that day, kidnapped and possibly shot in the process.

Her father, James Pinson is still struggling to cope.

“I’ve been on a two-year nightmare,” he said. “It’s a nightmare that I haven’t woke up from.”

More than a day after Pinson went missing an amber alert was issued and police located the main suspect in the case in Southern California. But Fernando Castro was killed in a shootout with police before they could get answers as to Pinson’s whereabouts.

“It’s really been frustrating for us because we can’t go to him asking ‘Where did you take her?’ ‘What did you do with her?’ ‘Why her?’ So that’s the real struggle” Rosey Pinson said.

The family is still forced to rely on witness statements from 2016.

“One of Pearls friends seen him throw Pearl into the back of his trunk of his old Saturn,” she said.

Investigators found Pinson’s blood in Castro’s trunk, but no sign of the Vallejo teen who had noticeable green hair at the time. Rosey says leads for police are few now, but still trickling in.

“Yesterday they told us he stopped to get gas in Bodega Bay,” Rosey said.

But despite knowing little more, the family is still hopeful.

“Even if it comes two or three years later, I’m always going to have hope that she’ll be found one way or another,” Rosey said.




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