SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — It’s a Maloof family reversal of fortune.

The former Sacramento Kings owners, who left after first trying to move the team to another city, are back on top of the sports world now.

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They are owners of the new NHL Vegas Golden Knights, an expansion franchise that is the first to reach the Stanley Cup Final in its inaugural season.

The Maloof ownership stake in the Golden Knights is giving Sacramentans new reason to watch this year’s Stanley Cup Final. Icy ties between the city and the Maloofs are seared into sports fans’ memories.

Pacey Williams remembers the rollercoaster ride trying to keep Maloofs from moving the Kings from Sacramento.

“Shady, petty, emotional, negative,” Williams said.

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The saga ended with the Kings staying in Sacramento. The Maloofs got half a billion dollars selling the franchise to a new local ownership group led by Vivek Ranadive.

Gavin Maloof spoke about his family’s new success with the Golden Knights ahead of game one of the Stanley Cup Final.

“It’s one of the greatest sports stories, if not the greatest sports story of all time, Maloof said.

Maloof was referring to the incredible achievement of the Golden Knights, reaching the Stanley Cup Final in their first season as an NHL expansion franchise.

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The Golden Knights won game one of the Stanley Cup Final on Monday night. They are three wins away from becoming Stanley Cup champs. Game 2 is on Wednesday.