By Angela Greenwood

LINCOLN (CBS13) — The Lincoln community is rallying around a Vietnam War veteran who has become quite popular after selling homemade quilts at a roadside stand. The community members say they couldn’t help but to try and give back to the man who fought for our country in any way they could.

For three weeks, John McCroy has set up his stands right across the street from Wilson Park in Lincoln. He’s a Vietnam veteran whose colorful collection caught the eye of the community.

“It amazed me. I was trying to be indiscreet and quiet,” said McCroy.

Even on Memorial Day, the 69-year-old was selling homemade quilts sewn by his wife.

“We don’t care to make a profit. We’re just trying to sell them what they’re worth,” he said.

john mccroy Veterans Quilt Sales Spark Unexpected Generosity

John McCroy

For many years, McCroy’s wife has made quilts for Project Linus, a charity providing blankets to children and people in tough times. After being cooped up inside following shoulder surgery, McCroy decided to sell what was left over.

“To get out of the house and just to have something to do,” said McCroy.

It wasn’t long until others took notice, and soon McCroy’s story was posted on social media. At first, many thought he was selling the quilts to fund treatment for his wife’s illness; the result of miscommunication. In four days, more than $2,500 was raised.

“That’s really nice. That’s a good feeling,” said McCroy.

Although appreciative, McCroy says his medical expenses are covered and he doesn’t need the money. He’s asking the community to donate the money raised for his wife to go to Project Linus.

“I want the people of Lincoln’s name to be on it,” he said.

His perfect patchwork is bringing a community together in honor of a Vietnam veteran, one quilt at a time. McCrory is happy to see the outpouring of generosity.

pattern giving e1527614431459 Veterans Quilt Sales Spark Unexpected Generosity

“That tells me that the community is a wonderful community,” said McCroy.

McCroy has sold nearly half of his wife’s quilts so far. He says he’ll be back at the same location until the last one is sold.

He says saying he enjoys the time outdoors and enjoys talking with the customers.


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